What do you already know about chat reference?

Here’s a quiz to test your knowledge of the origins and innovations of chat reference in libraries.

Susan McGlamery pioneered the adaptation of Web “call center” software for use by libraries. One of the retailers using this software was:

A. Amazon.com
B. Expedia
C. Lands’ End
D. Starbucks.

InfoEyes, a collaborative VR service for visually handicapped patrons, uses software called:

A. iVocalize
B. VRLplus
C. Talking Communities
D. Live Person

San Jose Public Library became the first public library to launch a chat reference service in July 2000.

True False

In the fall of 1995, the Internet Public Library offered a real-time text-based online reference service, using:

A. AOL instant messaging
B. Internet Relay Chat
C. Multi-User Object Oriented Environment (MOO)
D. NetMeeting

The idea for the Collaborative Digital Reference Service (CDRS) was presented in 1998 at an institute hosted by:

B. Association for College and Research Libraries (ACRL)
C. Library of Congress
D. Virtual Reference Desk (VRD)

The first chat reference service in the United States delivered on a statewide basis was:

A. Oregon's L-Net
B. New Jersey's Q and A NJ
C. KnowItKnow 24x7 in Ohio
D. Maryland's AskUsNow

VRD Conference proceedings will be archived by WebJunction. The first VRD Conference was held in:

A. Orlando, FL
B. Seattle, WA
C. Cambridge, MA
D. Chicago, IL